Box of 7 pieces EMPIRE liqueur set - mouth blown crystal


liqueur, eau de vie, digestive


Magnificent 7-piece whiskey set


Magnificent 7-piece liquor service from the "EMPIRE" collection " - lead-free crystalline - handcrafted and mouth blown

Empire_carafe.jpg Decanter (x 1)
Empire_verre.jpg Glass (x6)
Ability Capacity: 30 cl - 10.1 oz Ability Capacity: 3 cl - 1 oz
Height Height: 346mm Height Height: 145mm
lenght Diameter: 70mm lenght Diameter: 50mm
colors Color: clear colors Color: clear
handmade.png Handcrafted and mouth blown handmade.png Handcrafted and mouth blown
Hand wash recommended Hand wash recommended Hand wash recommended Hand wash recommended

Lead-free crystalline

These glasses are manufactured within the European Union by a company mastering know-how acquired and developed over nearly 100 years.

Note that some pieces may have small bubbles visible at the foot, stem or rim, both on mouth-blown glasses and machine-blown glasses. This is completely normal and cannot be completely avoided since lead is no longer used in the manufacturing process.

All of our glasses are packaged and shipped with the utmost care for maximum safety.

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