Set of 36 glasses to offer - starter kit in working life


36 lenses for excellent value for money


Set of 36 glasses from the "BALANCE" collection " - lead free - machine blown


5531.jpg Wine Glass (x 6) 6515.jpg Flute (x 6) 6517.jpg Cognac glass (x 6)
Ability Capacity: 15 cl - 5.1 oz Ability Capacity: 18 cl - 6.1 oz Ability Capacity: 10 cl - 3.4 oz
Height Height: 128mm Height Height: 165mm Height Height: 94mm
diameter Diameter: 67mm diameter Diameter: 67mm diameter Diameter: 61mm
6074.jpg Vodka glass (x 6) V-BALANCE-SOFT_02.jpg Cup (x 6) V-BALANCE-LONG_02.jpg Soda glass (x 6)
Ability Capacity: 2 cl - 0.7 oz Ability Capacity: 22 cl - 7.4 oz Ability Capacity: 30 cl - 10.1 oz
Height Height: 90mm Height Height: 85mm Height Height: 141mm
diameter Diameter: 42mm diameter Diameter: 75mm diameter Diameter: 64mm
colors Color: clear goes in the dishwasher Dishwasher safe Sustainable Sustainable
blown machine

Mechanical manufacturing

and blown machine

Microwave compatible Microwave compatible Unleaded Unleaded

These glasses are manufactured within the European Union by a company mastering know-how acquired and developed over nearly 100 years.

Note that some pieces may have small bubbles visible at the foot, stem or rim, both on mouth-blown glasses and machine-blown glasses. This is completely normal and cannot be completely avoided since lead is no longer used in the manufacturing process.

All of our glasses are packaged and shipped with the utmost care for maximum safety.

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