6 JAMESSE Synergie Wine Glasses 52 cl - crystalline


52 cl - All types of wine


Lot of 6 Wine Glasses " Signature JAMESSE Synergie 52 " - crystalline Hp lead-free - machine blown

Capacity: 52 cl

Height: 227mm

Diameter: 100mm

Jamesse machine-blown was created following the success of the prestigious JAMESSE PRESTIGE mouth-blown collection.
The shape of each glass plays on the wide and generous roundness, thus supporting the wine with maximum stretch.
The sharpness is pronounced in such a way as to promote a long and precise effervescence for Champagne wines and a precise rotating starting point for white and red wines.
The glasses close slowly and tightly allowing time for the aromatic elements to be released.

Lead-free Crystalline HP Soufflé machine

A Unique & Incomparable performance allowing to obtain quality Machine Blown collections!

High Gloss & Transparency

High impact resistance

High Sound

High Elasticity

Elegant glasses, revealing all their oenological properties during the tasting!

Note that some pieces may have small bubbles visible at the foot, stem or rim, both on mouth-blown glasses and machine-blown glasses. This is completely normal and cannot be completely avoided since lead is no longer used in the manufacturing process.

All of our glasses are packaged and shipped with the utmost care for maximum safety.

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