6 Excellence Wine Glasses 39 cl - crystalline


simple, elegant and solid


Set of 6 " Excellence " Wine Glasses - lead-free Hp crystalline - machine blown

Capacity: 39 cl - 13 oz

Height: 199mm

Diameter: 85mm

The Excellence collection includes four wine glasses, a flute and two tumblers.
A complete range satisfying everyone's needs; the shape of the Excellence makes it possible to concentrate and sublimate the aromas of still and sparkling wines.
It is gradually replacing the shape of the "Inao" glass.
Designed to be simple, elegant and solid, the Excellence will quickly become your best ally for tasting your wines on a daily basis.

Lead-free Crystalline HP Soufflé machine

A Unique & Incomparable performance allowing to obtain quality Machine Blown collections!

High Gloss & Transparency

High impact resistance

High Sound

High Elasticity

Elegant glasses, revealing all their oenological properties during the tasting!

All of our glasses are packaged and shipped with the utmost care for maximum safety.

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