6 Pro-Œno Wine Glasses n°3 - crystalline


modern and innovative shape

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Set of 6 " Pro-Œno n°3 " wine glasses - crystalline

Capacity: 30 cl - 10 oz

Height: 180mm

Diameter: 74mm

The glasses of the Pro-Œno Series have been tested and validated by the Union des oenologues de France

The oenological properties of the PRO-OENO collection lie in their modern and innovative shapes as well as in their flat bottoms which favor a pleasant restitution of the colour. Thanks to its volume and its sharpness, the rotation of the wine is facilitated and the oxygenation is faster, which makes the bouquet intense.
The fineness of the drink gives a pleasant contact to the lips.

The contemporary shape of the pro-oeno glass helps concentrate and intensify aromas.

Elegant glasses, revealing all their oenological properties during the tasting!

All of our glasses are packaged and shipped with the utmost care for maximum safety.

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