6 TASTER glasses 45 cl - mouth blown


It makes my head spin...


Set of 6 " Taster " glasses - Crystalline - mouth blown

Capacity: 45 cl - 15 oz

Height: 96mm

Diameter: 98mm

Very original tasting glass!

Mouth Soufflé

Art born 2000 years ago, mouth-blown requires great rigor, patience and unique know-how. This manufacturing technique requires great skill as well as great precision, especially when assembling the foot and the leg.

Mouth-blown ensures optimal quality of the glass and allows freedom in the creation of shapes. Thanks to this technique we obtain a very light glass, a transparent parison without reflection as well as an incomparable finesse of the rim.

The quality of the mouth-blown glass makes each moment of tasting unique and singular!

All of our glasses are packaged and shipped with the utmost care for maximum safety.

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